Monthly Purchase Plan

Monthly Purchase Plan

Join Our Monthly Purchase Plan and Save 10% Every Month

1) Decide how much you would like to spend each month – $50.00 minimum per month.

2) Send your want list of stamps, covers, specialized material, etc. Your want list may be from our web-site, price lists or other stamps. We do not send unsolicited approvals. Your want list should be long enough to cover at least 6 months of shipments. Please include condition required for centering as well as NH, hinged or used. Be as specific as possible so we can send stamps that will please you.

3) Send your want list and payment for your first month! Payments may be by check or money order, credit card or PayPal.

4) Start receiving shipments each month from your want lists with a 10% discount. We try to send shipments the first 10 days of each month but can send on a specific day if you have a preference. To help things run as smoothly as possible, here are a few tips: Be sure to include all of your contact information with your want list, including your email and phone number so we can quickly contact you if we have a question.

Our stock is huge, but we do not always have everything! A comprehensive want list should allow us to send a shipment on time.

If you want to receive specific stamps in any given month, we will try to comply. If a stamp is over your monthly amount, the balance can be paid the following month. If you receive stamps from other sources, please update your want list with us to avoid duplication & returns.

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Policy is Always in Effect. 

For a PDF version that can be downloaded, click on this link:

The Monthly Purchase Plan